Spring is here – Fight Indoor Allergens Today.

With Spring comes allergy season, and it brings with it itchy eyes, runny nose, and coughing. According to the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America, more than 60 million Americans have seasonal allergies.

Many of these pollutants can cause chronic illness and asthma in people with respiratory conditions like asthma. They can also be dangerous for children and the elderly.

Your home’s HVAC system is like those hard surfaces that get dirty over time. It pulls all the pollutants and contaminants out of the air and then recirculates it throughout your home.

Air pollutants such as dust and pollen can also cause chronic headaches, nausea, and migraines. They can also lead to irritated eyes and throat. If left unchecked, mold can become a serious issue, which can lead to illness for those living under its roof. There are various ways to combat mold in your home.

Also, running your air conditioner and using dehumidifiers can help remove airborne bacteria and mold.

Water and dampness: Both conditions can cause indoor mold to grow. It can hide under drywall, under blankets, or in attics.

Mold is a fungus that produces volatile organic compounds (MVOCs), which can cause musty odors. If you suffer from allergy symptoms similar to those caused by other respiratory disorders, then you might be prone to mold exposure.

Aside from running a dehumidifier, increasing the air flow within your home can help minimize the effects of mold on it. A good air duct cleaning can also help prevent airborne pollutants from entering your home.

Air duct cleaning is an important step to keeping your home’s air quality healthy. It can help minimize the spread of pollutants and allergens inside your home.

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